About Us

IF EMAILS DO NOT COME FROM CONTACT at MOEREVIEWS dot COM /or/ LOLINIA at THEDRASTIKMEASURE dot COM /or/ INUTAISI at GMAIL dot COM, then they do not represent us. If you receive an email from someone claiming to be part of Drastik Moé, please inform us ASAP. If someone contacts you via any messenger, chat, or social media service please, contact us before handing out any keys. If you run a site such as Keymailer, Evolve Terminal, Portal, or otherwise, if someone claims to be part of TDM please contact us first before giving out keys as only Lolinia is able to request from this platform. So, please contact us via the emails above.

The Drastik Moé was founded by Lolinia on The Drastik Measure, the sister site of Drastik Moé (Also known as Oneechan). However, the scope of the content grew as the years went by. With the addition of dedicated reviewers, anime content, and willing publishers, the concept of Drastik Moé had need of becoming its own website rather than a sub-category. We hope you enjoy our content here as much as when it was on The Drastik Measure!

loliJon, aka Lolinia, aka TaisiHyuuga is  Co-Owner of The Drastik Measure and Drastik Moé’s Founder. He has put so much time and effort into keeping the TDM site alive. Draul trusts him to run Drastik Moé with the same heartfelt dedication that he puts into TDM as he is a good friend of Draul’s.  Lolinia is very passionate about anime and wants to share his passion. Follow him on twitter @TaisiHyuuga


DarkLunarDude aka DLD is a reviewer for The Drastik Measure and Drastik Moé. Since joining The Drastik Measure, he has put in more than his fair share of reviews and content into the TDM website. A friend to both Draul and Lolinia, he is willing to play just about anything and everything if it needs a review, with a heavy focus on anime or visual novel style games. That heavy focus is what makes him the perfect addition to Drastik Moé’s review team! DarkLunarDude is currently on hiatus from college, but has an AS in computer science within the network administration field. Follow him on Twitter at @DarkLunarDude

Faris is a reviewer for Drastik Moé, a university drop-out, and a NEET that loves watching anime and playing games, as well as a Let’s Player some of the time. He shares his first name with the catgirl from Steins;Gate and likes to make jokes about that. Faris is also an avid reader of mainly Light Novels, but also literature in general. When it comes to video games, he likes RPGs and Turn-Based Strategies, but focuses on Visual Novels, especially in regards to what he reviews at Moé. He is also actively writing a Visual Novel. Follow him on Twitter.

Nanako, the site mascot! Often calls herself Nyanyanko when flustered. She hopes you enjoy our content!