Yakitate!! Japan Anime DVD Review

Studio: Sunrise
Publisher: Nozomi Entertainment
Release Date: July 7th, 2015

Like anime about cooking, but want something that’s already finished it’s airing run in complete? Are you ready for an adventure in bread making? No. You will not learn how to be the bread winner of the household. This is an adventure in bread MAKING. There are English breads, French breads, and even German breads, but what kind of Japanese breads are there? Come onto this adventure with Nozomi Entertainment and discover what they published in the US with Yakitate!! Ja-Pan! Many thanks to Nozomi Entertainment for the review unit.

Meet Kazuma Azuma (and try saying his name ten times fast)! This young lad from the sticks has a dream. He has a dream that, one day, across the shiny mountaintop of Mount Fuji, white rice and flaky bread will be shared at the table together. He has a dream that his four fingers and thumb will, one day, not be judged by their ring sizes, but by the quality of the bread they make. He has a dream that, one day, even the most hardcore old men in Japan who want nothing but natto and soy sauce will transform their minds to be an oasis for tasty baked goods. From tarts to crepes and even regular sliced bread, he dreams that this will be the day that Japan gets its own worldwide bread. Join him on his journey as a bread artisan by watching Yakitate!! Japan, now!

I never thought in my lifetime that I’d be forced to write the Martin Luther King Jr. speech “I Have A Dream” as an homage to breadmaking; however, this amount of a ‘reaction’ was needed at the very least! Yakitate!! Japan is one hell of a show. With crazy microwave-hating clowns to bread-making pandas, the show will keep you watching. By the end of the series, you’ll question your sanity with each episode because of how good (and full of references) each episode is. With sixty-nine (giggity) episodes in total, you would think things would wind down in the later episodes, but they didn’t. In fact, it got to the point where the episodes felt incredibly rushed (which some were, admittedly) because they would feel like they ended too soon.

The music, the animation style, and the storytelling done in Yakitate!! Japan were all very well done. I laughed ‘til my body hurt. I cried and felt feely feels that make you feel! I laughed more than I should have! Then, when it was all done, like a crazy madman, I went to the next episode to laugh even harder than before. The only thing about the series that dampened my experience was the subs, sadly. We all expect yellow subs, by now, but at least if we get yellow subs, let’s not have randomly not appear on screen or have loads of spelling and grammar mistakes. Granted, the problems with the subs aren’t in every episode, but with a retail value as high as the Complete DVD Collection has, you kind of don’t expect subpar work on the final products.

With a retail value of $144.97 USD (currently on sale via RightStuf for $74.66 USD), Yakitate!! Japan is absolutely worth the price. Sixty-nine episodes, more references than you can peel the crust off, and intense comedy way outweigh the sub issue, in my book. Hopefully, Yakitate!! Japan can have a successful kickstarter campaign like the Aria series (Animation, NATURAL, and Origination) did and we get fixed subs on blu-ray quality. However, if that doesn’t happen, the DVDs are plenty good enough. Toss the loquat into the fire today!

Lolinia gives Yakitate!! Japan a Drastik Moé Measure of 8.0 out of 10.0 (80).

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