Grand Summoners’ Grand Compendium

Welcome to the Grand Compendium, brought to you by Drastik Moé and the members of C2 in the GS Community Discord, as well as the Staff of the discord!

Grand Summoners is a mobile JRPG title developed by Next Ninja and published by Good Smile Company, Inc. It is available for Android and iOS. Feel free to follow the game via Twitter or Facebook.

This ‘Grand Compendium’ is your one-stop-shop for things you want to know about the game. From lore to crest recommendations and everything between and on the sides, it is our hope that you find what you need to make the game even more enjoyable for you. You can find further help via the discord if you can’t find it here. What you see here now won’t be all there is to it, but as we grow, we hope you grow in the game, too! Let’s get started~

Game Lore

A huge part of the game that a lot of people generally overlook is the lore of the game, how units are related to one another, and having a timeline of events that help creates the overarching storyline. This section will lead you to where you can read more on the game’s story. (Eventually. Not up just yet.)

Unit Guides

Welcome to the Unit Guides! These guides will have user-generated video guides on the different units as well as text information outlining their skills, Arts/True Arts, passives, slots, and stats. … or it will be. We’re still working on getting this section built up.

Unit Art Gen Types

Certain units can generate arts, but won’t stack with other units. Here’s a handy list showing what units are in what type of Art Gen group. No link this time! :p

Any unit can stack Arts Gen as long as they aren’t in the same group. If they are, their art gen will not stack unless otherwise noted.

Group AFen, Lozze, Dark Fen
Group B – Sonije, Zenon, Palamecia, Saitama, Norn, Vitz, Sword Berwick, Rosetta, Machinas
Group CMako
Group D – Berwick
Group E – Lione
Group FNies
Group GRimuru (Human)
Group H – Milim
Group I – Goblin Slayer [stacks with self]
Group J – Cynthia

Unit Tierlist (Global)

Wondering how units stand against game content? Then check out the Tierlist ranking the units that are in the global version of Grand Summoners!

Crest Recommendations

Looking for the right crests for your units? Click here for the best-recommended crest for your unit. In addition, the chart down below outlines the full list of non-limited crests, their effects, and how they scale in power. Feel free to study it at your leisure~

Unit Tierlist (JP)

Interested in how units rank in the Japanese version of the game instead? Here, have a look!

Dungeon of Trials

Want to get Altie? Want to punish yourself after getting Altie? Here’s what you ordered!

Ranking Up Fast

What’s this? No link again?! BLASPHEMY!

Seriously, though, ranking up is rather easy and here are the recommended ways of doing so!

  • Do your Daily Quest every day. It gives at least 6000 XP (more with bonuses) every time you complete it.
  • If the “1/2 EN, 2x XP” event going on, complete the highest quest you can do on auto all the way to the final boss of Chapter 6 (Principality of Balmint). Once you hit that boss, just farm that level over and over.
  • If the “1/2 EN, 2x XP” event is NOT going on, but there is a “Giant Boss 1/2 EN” event going on, then farm an easy PRO-level Giant Boss.
  • If neither of the two special events is going on, then your best bet is generally to farm the highest difficulty of whatever weekly event is going on or to farm Nier’s/Grad’s SPEX-HYPER difficulty on their respective events.

It’s worthy to note that during Collaborations, it is likely to be the best experience per stamina used outside of the “1/2 EN, 2x XP” event and will often be worth farming for faster rank experience!

Happy farming!

Food Guide

This is a guide towards where you can obtain food items in the game, as well as food combinations for extra bonuses. You can find the guide HERE.

In addition to the info prepared by the food guide, you can also TARGET the type of food you want. HOW? Glad that you metaphorically asked that in my own head canon! The Tower of Initiation (you know, that 15-level tower you only played to get the 5 LB Unit stones from when you started the game) has some food for you and here’s where it drops:

Floor 1: Fish Fillet, Tomato, Salami, Bread, Romaine Lettuce
Floor 2: [Emporer] Pilaf, Seafood Soup, Fried Egg, Red Mushroom, Blue Mushroom
Floor 3: Yellow Mushroom, Black Mushroom, Silver Lychee, Happiness Walnut, Purple Mushroom
Floor 4: Bread, Tomato, Fish Fillet, Rice Ball, Salami
Floor 5: Romaine Lettuce, Pilaf, Fried Egg, Red Mushroom

Item List

There are a plethora of items within Grand Summoners. This is a very helpful list which can give you insight into what items to keep and what items to sell with your limited inventory space! Very handy to have nearby. You can find that HERE.


Looking to be a bit more speedy throughout the game? Want to clear those bosses super fast? Give this helpful guide a look here~


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