NEKOPARA Vol. 3 – PC Review – by Eivmoe

Genre: Sexual Content Nudity Casual Indie Kinetic Visual Novel
Developer: NEKO WORKs
Publisher: Sekai Project, DenpaSoft
Release Date: May 25, 2017

NEKOPARA Vol. 3 is the fourth instalment of the NEKOPARA visual novel series, and the fifth NEKOPARA game on Steam, made by NEKO WORKs and published by people over at Sekai Project. The third volume follows the trend of the previous three instalments of NEKOPARA, taking focus on the main character, who is an unvoiced person with only a few face reveals named Kashou, who has opened a patisserie by the name of “La Soleil”. While the previous games have focused on their family relation (Vol. 0) Chocola and Vanilla (Vol. 1) and Azuki and Coconut (Vol. 2) now is the time for the drooling mess of Cinnamon and the stubborn girl with a tough facade Maple.

“How would you like to be the king of the cat harem?” Well dream no longer, as with the third volume out and kicking your dreams of the fluffy tail and ears of a diverse cast of catgirls is here! While you have focused on two or more girls in each volume up to now, you are now tasked with balancing 6 different catpanions, and a little sister who seems to want to join them in your own personal harem. As with the previous volumes, NEKOPARA Vol. 3 is a kinetic visual novel, meaning no choices and following along a set storyline, allowing you to enjoy the story rather than think what will you ruin by picking the wrong choice?

So cats are easy to balance, are catgirls the same? How will you deal with a woman’s jealousy and needs, especially when there are six off them that will require both equal love and attention, adding in the fact that most of these women work together in a single house? There are plenty of set ups for each personality of the catgirls to shine, but sadly it falls flat at times, and previous characters that were really fleshed out now return to their more usual tropes with an added maturity. That is, however, to be expected, the characters that once were more thin and one sided in the two previous games, Maple and Cinnamon, are in the front light now! Do not worry, however, be it Azuka or Vanilla your favourite catgirl is there, and will require your love.

So the diverse cast is kinda pushed aside to focus on two characters, with them being the main characters this is understandable that the others fall a bit short. So how does the new main catgirls steal the show? Very well – their characters are deepened and explored, their backstory and their reasoning are all well seasoned. You will be exploring the deeper questions that you may not have looked too much on before this game such as: Is each catgirl happy with their life styles, do they have bigger dreams, and the racism of the first game is once more brought to light and how the characters deal with it can take you on a roller coaster of emotions as they show their insecurities, and desires for who they want to be in life.

Characters and story to the side, what’s left to explore? Art, animation, CGs? Well take a look at the pictures so far. So the pictures are good, but that is not all! It is a fully voiced game (except the main character) from random characters to the sex scenes between the catgirls. Speaking about talking, when the characters who are talking are not on the main screen, they appear as a mini version of themselves next to the line they speak at the bottom, with facial animations and lips moving. In most scenes that they are on screen, they are also shown talking or having varied animations from chest bouncing, to anger being shown.

NEKOPARA Vol. 3 has a larger and stronger focus on music than the previous NEKOPARA games, with 4 fully voice acted songs – OP, ED, a special surprise, and a fourth track you can only hear in game. Well that is to be expected with a dream about music, however the dream doesn’t always go according to plan, so they mix the story nicely in with the music that is played. Once more, the music fit nicely in with each scene they are given, with enough variety that even slow readers won’t feel like they are stuck on the same song forever, etching it into their mind. Does that mean none of the songs are memorable? Sadly, from the theme songs, the special voiced songs there are none that sticks out good or bad, the songs fit so nicely to the scene they don’t leave a huge impression by themselves.

In conclusion, NEKOPARA Vol. 3, is a NEKOPARA game, the animations are top notch, the music is good, the stories fall short and are often less than 12 hours of reading time (reading abilities may vary so result may vary), the sex scenes are nice and once more plentiful, after all you got 6 catpanions, which all require some sort of love. NEKOPARA is a romantic visual novel, it sticks to it’s roots and strengths, showing the cuteness of a catgirl and how we all want our own harem of them. NEKOPARA also has a fourth game confirmed so stay tuned for that. P.S. – Doggirls confirmed.

Eivmoe gives NEKOPARA Vol. 3 a Drastik Measure 7.6 out of 10 (76).


  • Boob physics? Boob physics!
  • Diverse characters
  • References to Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  • Animated when talking and large range of emotion portrayed
  • Great music
  • Adorable catgirls
  • 100+ save spots
  • Extras work as a music player, opening and ending movies, and the sex scenes, and all the CGs able to be replayed


  • Short
  • Mainly focuses on two characters
  • Shallow side characters
  • Goes over the problems a bit too fast without letting them sink in

Reviewer note. Azuki best cat girl.

NEKOPARA Vol. 3 is available on Steam for $9.99 USD or on Denpasoft for the 18+ version for $17.99 USD.

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