Sweet Switch – PC Review

Genre: Adventure
Developer: ammolite
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: Aug 9, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

Adult visual novels are a funny thing, considering their purpose as an art medium is to sell not only a story, but also content that is more explicit in rating to the buyer and while, sometimes, it is okay to bring that content to the party pretty quickly, I feel there is a fine line with that. Sweet Switch is an adult, school-themed visual novel developed by ammolite, later released by MangaGamer. This school-themed, adult visual novel pushes a sexual focus from the first five minutes of the novel’s beginning, something that runs throughout and misses many good notes because of that.

Sweet Switch, from a story perspective, has a short, but interesting basis for its tale, which is lost many times to the over-abundance of lust and sexual activity. The story has us, the reader, taking in the tale from the eyes of Ryuuichi Takato, a first-year high school student who gets called out for a mean sort of glare in his eyes. This glare is about to get him in trouble, though, in more ways than one way, as he quickly finds out his glare triggers a secret from both the student council president Sara Lafarge, as well as with her assistant Fumino Hirohata, that turns them into alternate personalities of themselves, where many hijinks ensue. There are a total of three routes for the reader to focus on, each of them being about roughly three hours to six hours, depending on your reading speed.

As for the story in Sweet Switch itself, it falls rather flat, with a few high points that try to bring it back unsuccessfully. The biggest issue I personally had with the story is the pure abundance of sex it pushes every five to ten minutes, where the scene for that lasts closer to twenty or more. As a visual novel, the story for me is just as important as the adult acts that ensue within it, but it was purely overkilled and brings down the story that much.

Rolling in with the juices, the adult portion of Sweet Switch is very prominent and could be considered one of the better elements of this visual novel if it was not as overused. Many of the acts you see Ryuuichi get involved with the girls are an evolving trait, meaning they go from simple fucking to acts to play or pleasure leading into more fucking. The visuals for this are, if nothing else, a solidarity point from ammolite, as they are detailed enough that the vocals and changing still images sell you on the act in question.

Coming in from a visual perspective, Sweet Switch, as a presentation point, looks like a very well drawn and colorful visual novel. The backgrounds, while I feel were a reused asset from Sweet Sweat in Summer in some places, do fit the vibe ammolite was aiming for with the school-themed setting, changing a few things to make it feel more unique, like colors and different types of trees. Many of the locales are fresh to Sweet Switch, though, so the student council room, as a big example, feels brand new and adds a note of fresh air to the settings. The character designs are a new edition to the novel, each being very well animated in my opinion and being a big sell point in the adult scenes throughout.

Playing along to its own drum, the soundtrack of Sweet Switch is a mixed bag, with some tracks feeling like they fit into the novel perfectly and others out of place. Sound-wise, the instrument mix used is diverse, ranging from the more traditional style instruments to some less traditional ones that are more distinct. That being said, I feel like the soundtrack only worked about sixty percent of the time, as when it did fit the mood, it amplified the scene beautifully, but when it didn’t fit, more of an estranged mess. The sound effects, for what they are worth, did their job nicely, mostly used during the adult scenes over more day to day.

Wrapping this all up in a towel, I feel Sweet Switch had the chance to be something good, if not great, as there are elements that shine really well, but the negatives heavily outweigh the positives and hold back the novel from striking the notes it was seeking. The interesting story basis, strong use of solid adult scenes, and bright but visually impactful backgrounds make for an experience someone seeking quick adult content could enjoy.


  • An interesting story idea
  • The plentiful but random sexual content scenes
  • Bright and visually interesting backgrounds


  • Not enough focus on the story outside of the sexual content
  • The sexual content, while good, was overused
  • A soundtrack that worked, but not all the time

DarkLunarDude gives Sweet Switch a 6.0 out of 10.0 (60) Moé Blobs

For the price of $14.95 (USD) on the MangaGamer website, Sweet Switch, for the price, is an okay pickup if you are looking for that quick adult sex content fill, but I cannot personally recommend it myself, as I feel like the novel had an interesting story premise that could have been explored and instead got put to the side.

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