The Moé Report – The Rising of the Shield Hero Ep 22

Author: Faris
Editor: KnightAvenger
Studio: Kinema Citrus
Watch at: Crunchyroll

Episode 22 was a much needed breather after quite a few episodes which were filled with action and intense scenes. It was much more lighthearted and fun, as opposed to suspenseful like the previous couple of episodes.

The party is finally able to increase their class, though, not without disappointment, before they are summoned to a party held by the Queen. It’s supposed to serve as a place where the Cardinal Heroes will have a meeting to talk about strategy and how to deal with the Waves, basically a council of heroes, as the episode’s title called it. Since they can’t get along too well, which honestly did feel slightly forced after the previous couple episodes where they buddied up so much, they are told by the queen that they need to attend a special EXP boost event held on an island. The world is based on an MMORPG, after all, so they have to throw in things like that.

We get to meet some new characters, Raphtalia gets some closure with her dead friend and her destroyed village, and we get to look forward to the next episode where they will go around hunting monsters to get EXP but with a boost. Not that much can be said about the episode other than it was cute, relaxing, and that it built up excitement for the next episode, especially with the new characters we meet, which seem like they will be really cool in the few episodes that remain.

All in all, I am very excited to see the next episode, which I hope will be, at least, somewhat lighthearted and filled with training montages of the party killing random monsters and such. They can definitely afford to have one more episode be like that before then focusing on a final wave in episodes 24 and 25, where we will, at last, get to see the bird-lady who wrecked the heroes during the last Wave and maybe have a fair and proper fight between her and Naofumi’s party or even just all the Heroes united together. See you in my next review!

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