The Moé Report – The Rising of the Shield Hero Ep 23

Author: Faris
Editor: KnightAvenger
Studio: Kinema Citrus
Watch at: Crunchyroll

The final story arc of the show, or the season, hopefully, has started. The party goes off to the boosted EXP island where they meet some new characters that are also adventuring to the island for the same reason – to get more EXP for killing things. The new characters themselves seem really cool, but it seems they might have some sort of a secret or something. I wonder if we will get to know them more in the final two episodes.

Anyway, the episode is, like some other episodes so far, the calm before the storm, as it was a relatively lighthearted and relaxing episode just before we are about to get to the next and probably final Wave of Catastrophe. Most of the episode is spent endeavoring to kill monsters and get as many levels under the belt for Naofumi’s party, as well as some funny moments of other Heroes being complete losers and quite a bit of banter between Naofumi and L’Arc, one of the new characters. Therese is the other character, and they are like a separate party. We also get Raphtalia in a swimsuit as well as just a swimsuit scene in general, but it was done without any of the usual anime tropes, so it was more sweet than funny, but that’s good, too.

In general, the episode was okay. It was comfy and neat but not incredible, as it’s not meant to be incredible in the first place. For what it is, it’s good and I had fun with it. I am looking forward to the next, penultimate episode. I imagine it will finally give us another Wave and we will get to meet Glass, who was way too OP in the last Wave. All in all, I hope you will check out my next review as well.

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