We Touch Games – Eden* (PC) Review

Eden* PC Review by Lolinia of We Touch Games – Developer: minori – Publisher: MangaGamer – Genre: Kinetic Visual Novel

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Feel: It’s a sad story, but very emotional and deep. There are moments in the game where you want to hug the main characters.


Pros: Art style. This game’s art style is simply beautiful. Even the CG effects of eyes blinking and mouths moving was handled well. Music. The music is wondrous, sublime, easy-listening, etc. There is not enough to say about this visual novel’s incredible soundtrack. Story. The story can be heartfelt and endearing. If you love a good story or book, this is a visual novel that you will enjoy. The emotion in the writing is clearly felt and although there are some misspellings, the editing is overall superb.


Cons: Video Recording. It does not capture well in XSplit or OBS. It can be captured, but it leaves a ton of black border all over the place. Resolution: If it matters to you, this visual novel is not in a 4×3 or 16×9 ratio. Choices. While some people may not consider this a con (as I truly do not), there are no choices to be made in this game. It is a straight story with no user input in the direction of said story.


Overall Thoughts: This game is amazing… if you’re into visual novels. If you aren’t into visual novels, I do not recommend this game to you UNLESS you are looking to get into them. It is an incredibly sad story, but it does not try to jerk tears out of you at every single chance. The astounding soundtrack coupled with the amazing artwork creates a soft feel for the eyes and ears, making this visual novel a masterpiece in my eyes. The story can be a bit slow for some tastes, tho. However, that is offset by the relatable characters. While this game is a sad story, in some places, you will laugh. You will smile. You will still be sad and you may even cry with that smile on your face. Eden* is a touching story that fills your heart with every emotion available and draws you into its world like a bowstring. From suspicion to envy, sadness to happiness, hatred and love, this game truely tells it’s version of the last love story on this Earth.


Price: $19.99


Score: 9.5 (95)




Additional Notes: There is a Mature (18+) version of the game, however this review is not a review of that version, but of the all-ages version.


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