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fault milestone one PC Review by Lolinia – Developer: ALICE IN DISSONANCE – Publisher: Sekai Project – Genre: Visual Novel

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First off, fault milestone one is, up to the writing of this article, the best kinetic Visual Novel I’ve had the opportunity to read. With that said and out of the way, fault milestone one is a kinetic VN that dips into magic, science, and human psychology with the added twist of mystery in the mix. It begins with a battle and ends with a wonderful story that leaves you wanting even more.


From the start of the game, I was engrossed with the words and chosen default font. The font immediately grabbed my attention and kept me focused on what was being said. While an unusual choice in font style and, admittedly, even I thought it a weird choice at first, it really helped to keep me into the flow of what was being told to me, even though I didn’t understand half of what was being said, and got used to the font. At first, I really couldn’t follow what was supposed to be happening in the story. However, as time went by and I continued reading, I gradually began to understand the world that I was being completely immersed into and the succinct explanations of unfamiliar terms helped me to completely involve myself within that world. Within the first five minutes of entering the main storyline, I was completely hooked on it. So much so that I ended up spending an entire day engrossed in this visual novel. By the middle of the story, much more mystery began creeping into the story, leading me to read for more answers. The mystery ended up endulging me so much that by the end of the heartfelt storyline, I was left wanting even more with each passing chapter. By the end of the story, I was emotionally entangled to the main characters. I wept for them, felt happy for them, and became deeply attached to them throughout the story.


The story in fault milestone one was incredibly gripping and grabbed my attention constantly while I read. It felt akin to grabbing a good book off the shelves of the local library and spending the entire day there in furious page-turning action. While there were some editing errors and quality checking failures, they are far and few between. Not only did the story keep my mind attentive, but the art style spoke to my eyes in the way only visuals could. Not too flashy and not at all dull, the artwork was vivid, expressive, and showed a full range of emotions from glee and happiness to being fearful and showing sociopathy. The wide range of emotions showed in the characters through the artwork left a great impression on me. The characters themselves left even greater impressions on me as they were introduced. From bright, charismatic Selphine to the fun-loving, but compassionate Hertzwann, it was evident that each character was uniquely crafted with memorable and distinctive traits. From their hair styles to clothing choices, I had no problems trying to tell other character’s archetypes from another. Each character felt unique, even side characters who showed up only once had individuality to them. The original soundtrack for the game was a breath of fresh air and wonderfully composed to fit the evolving storyline.


I had very few issues with the game, in total. On the other hand, there were some things that prevented me from giving the game the perfect score that it does really deserve. For one, the aforementioned Quality Check failures in the editing. Some of the editing mistakes were too blatantly obvious to not be fixed before official release. Noticeably missing is also a lack of voice acting, which could have ramped up the awesome of this Visual Novel. It was also rather short and by the time you came to a certain point in the game, you absolutely want more that the game does not give you. Mind you, these are very small issues. The game was practically perfect throughout the entirety of the game. However, if I am to give a game a perfect score, then there needs to be nothing that I wish to change about the game. Unfortunately, that is not the case here.


Fortunately, though, fault milestone one is a fantastic visual novel. Overall, the story is absolutely brilliant; the artwork is stunning; and the characters are extremely memorable and unique. For the price of $14.99 USD, this VN is an impressive deal for your money. I highly recommend that you buy this visual novel and enjoy it as much as I have.


Lolinia gives fault milestone one a Drastik Measure 9.9 out of 10.0 (99)



Additional Notes: (Slight SPOILERS Ahead, so stop reading if you don’t to be slightly spoiled on the storyline.)


As a person who had personality issues in childhood, this visual novel truely struck my heart. Rune’s questioning of herself and who she really is reminded me of my childhood when I was trying to figure out who I was and what came with my package in life (several years and a few medical diagnoses later, I know what’s in that package. Because of the roots to questions I similarly asked of myself, I may have grew more attached to the story than most will. I advise you that my experience may not be the same as yours, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting and reading this extremely well-written kinetic visual novel.


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