We Touch Games – Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru part 1 (PC) Review

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Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru (boy, is that a lot to say… let’s shorten that to Chiru Chiru) is a kinetic spin-off of Frontwing’s Fruit of Grisaia. (For more information on Fruit of Grisaia, you can read my review of it here and purchase it on Steam.) It’s a fun title that takes the characters of the Grisaia Trilogy (and nothing else) and gives you an anime in visual novel format. Seriously, this game is formatted like it’s an anime, with each ‘episode’ having an intro, body, and outro. With that said, the game has no choices for you to make, so if you’re looking for what you got in Fruit of Grisaia with the choices, this may not be the game for you. However, if you love the characters that you get to know in that game, Chiru Chiru is definitely for you! Many thanks to Sekai Project for providing me with a review key!


Chiru Chiru feels very much like watching a simulcast anime on Crunchyroll, in your mind’s eye, but in a visual novel format. It’s a unique and interesting form of showcasing the characters in a new way and in a new world. It starts out with us seeing 14-year-old Michiru Matsushima (the game’s main heroine) as a rookie idol-in-training. Walking home from a gig one night, she is met by a strange, talking cat that turns her into a magical girl. From then on, the visual novel becomes about Michiru’s struggles as a magical girl and how she overcomes them… or doesn’t. Part one of Chiru Chiru is seven episodes long, where they introduce characters and the deepening plot.


The game is handled very much like Fruit of Grisaia on a technical standpoint. The intro is animated and seen at the start of every ‘episode’ of the game. Michiru’s transformation sequences are handled well with a mix of picture elements and animated movie shorts. There are a few stylistic changes, but none that caused any harm or displeasure with the game. Very few grammar mistakes makes this visual novel an easy read. Chiru Chiru handles the audio very well. Old songs from the Grisaia trilogy return in this spin-off alongside new songs. This is yet another soundtrack that I want as cheap DLC so I can put it on my phone for music on the go. Visually, save for the ‘Lust’ episode, Chiru Chiru is as stunning as Fruit of Grisaia. The lust episode is even better (#JustSaiyan). The chibi art has been upgraded somewhat and becomes a form of entertainment within the game just from seeing the repetitious movements of the mini magical girl Michiru.

At $19.99 USD, Part 1 of the Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru series is a bit pricey to buy, since there are two parts, but is totally worth getting if you can. Personally, I would get it during a Steam sale, as the content is worth it, in my opinion, but if you’re broke most of the time, the cost of buying two parts at that price can be hard to swallow without knowing the contents of Part 2.


Lolinia gives Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru a Drastik Measure 8.5 out of 10.0 (85).

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