We Touch Games – Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru part 2 (PC) Review

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“Chiru Chiru, Miracle, Michirarirun! Oh Magic Wand, let me hear that melody!”


Those are the magical words that allow Michiru Matsushima to transform into her magical girl form. Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru part 2 (again, I’m shortening that to Chiru Chiru part 2) is the finale to the Chiru Chiru series on Steam, developed by Frontwing and brought to western audiences by Sekai Project. If you are not already very familiar with the first sentence of this paragraph, I highly suggest reading my review of Part 1; as this review contains some spoilers for the first game. Many thanks to Sekai Project providing a review key.


Chiru Chiru part 2 starts out directly where part one leaves off. Miichiru is still is getting used to being a magical girl, Kazuki is still beating her at every turn, and the comedy keeps going, including how they continue the next episode. The feel of the game is much like the first until the last few episodes where the story becomes extremely serious while retaining its comedic nature, like an anime. The only episode to contain a recap is the first one in the game, however. With four of the Seven’s Chaos (modeled after the Seven Deadly Sins) now captured by Kazuki, Michiru must continue her path as a Magical Girl to attain her dream! The only question is “Will she?”


Technical-wise, the game is still the same as Chiru Chiru part 1. Michiru’s transformation is still handled well and the voice acting is well done. There are a few new songs that were not in the first part and, of course, plenty of interesting CGs that really pushed the story along, visually. (Sadly, the stunning visuals of the ‘Lust’ episode never make a comeback.) There is less chibi art than before, but that is made up for by the story, in my book. As I read, the plot became less and less about the comedy and unraveled a slightly deep and emotional look into the characters. For Michiru, I particularly enjoyed how her particular role played out. As for how it played out, you’re just going to have to play the game.


At $19.99 USD for Chiru Chiru part 2, my statement from the first review remains true. The price is a bit steep, in my opinion, though personally, the game is worth it. Personally, I would rather see a bundle price for buying both games at the same time. No more than $30 USD. However, at the writing of this article, Sekai Project is having a sale on select games and both games of the Chiru Chiru series are 50% until October 19th. Feel free to hop on that sale until it ends and enjoy this spin-off of the Grisaia Trilogy!

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