We Touch Games – NekoPara Vol. 2 (PC) Review

NekoPara Vol 2 PC Review by Eivmoe of We Touch Games – Edited by Lolinia of We Touch Games – Developer: NEKO WORKs – Publisher: Sekai Project – Genre: Kinetic Visual Novel

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There are many things in a VN (Visual Novel) that can make it a good or a bad experience, be it the music choice, the art, the lack or overuse of visuals, etc. The key is often finding their own balance that matches its story and characters. A visual novel that seems to have managed to find the perfect balance is NekoPara Vol 2 and its prequels, developed by NEKO WORKs and published by Sekai Project. This reviewer played the game two times, one all ages, and again with the 18+ scenes being sold separately by the publishers on DenpaSoft.


Many, myself included, base the game on what they see or what the first reviews they see, which are usually “H-scenes” or “Neko harem”. While the game does come with that you will quickly learn this isn’t just a sex game or just a “cheap game with cute cat girls.” This game offers personal conflicts, growth, back story, and a continuous journey from what you started in NekoPara vol.1. The characters follow over, so to get to know the full story and to enjoy it the most, it is recommended to play NekoPara Vol.1 and Vol.0, as they all expand the characters and make you understand them further.


NekoPara Vol. 2 is a kinetic visual novel meaning you make no choices in the game. However, this only allows the developer to advance the story completely and for all the characters involved. It can turn some people off. In this case, I feel that they made the right choice as you will experience a better-paced story than most other Visual Novels where the choices may even seem unnatural for your character to make. Its story is delivered in “chapters” which seem to correlate to days, whereas each day something major usually happens, be it someone fights and feel sad, someone leaves, etc. Every single day/chapter is filled with story that comes to a nice conclusion at each chapter where a new day will quickly pick up the story again.


I can’t help but to bring up what is known in many literature classes or even language study known as a dramatic structure, with its highs and lows. As the day go pass in NekoPara you are remained with many questions if you pay attention, and further details by the next day while the main story has shifted distracting you once more. NekoPara is a prime example of a great dramatic structure with its use of point of no returns, climaxes, and how it builds up during a day making it feel a satisfied short story has come to an ending by the end of the day. This follows greatly with what happened in Vol.1, where they used the same formula except this time it is much more refined, with its story being better developed now as you have had both Vol 1 and Vol 2 to understand just how vastly different every character is, how they all struggle with something. On the other hand while its story follows the same formula it can quickly become a bit predictable in terms of what is going to happen, or feel that they are reusing something from an earlier game.


NekoPara’s characters while not all being as dominate, you are exposed to most off them with every “short story” or chapter. Each volume seems to focus mainly on two characters, whom they are I will not spoil as it is the most fun to learn the characters and understand them yourself but it is something you may quickly find out from the opening however. Each has a good and wildly different personality, with their own faults as mentioned before and this is taken into consideration as you experience them all by observing them as their employer and boss off the La Soleil bakery which gets quickly know as Cat Paradise or “Neko Paradise”.


NekoPara Vol.2’s music is very fitting to every scene. It can be romantic, perfect for those awkward mornings, or an afterglow evening where you just relax and experience the music. It helps bring out every scene to an enjoyable time for your ears. The game is fully voiced except for your character, just like previous games, which makes it even more enjoyable to sit back and get engrossed into the story. All their voices are suited to their personalities, making them belong to the character almost like they were created by the voice. One of the many keys to a visual novel experience is the audio: the voices, music, and sound effects. This game hits that perfectly. However even with praising its music, it may become a little repetitive if you leave it in the background for long periods of time or if you are a bit of a slow reader, but for me it was perfectly wrapped up.


Towards the end, I wish to say that while I was judging the game from what I saw on its store page, and reviews it didn’t show itself from it best sides, and a game I most likely would not have considered getting. NekoPara Vol. 2, and its prequel is a pleasant surprise and a gem, there is little to nothing that I would like to change in this game. Don’t base the game from what you see on its store or steam reviews, as the game offers decent depth, a decent back-story for every character, while also focusing mainly on two characters.


Like previously stated, there is a lot to make a great visual novel and to separate it from a mediocre one. One of those things are the aspect of visual, be it animation, background and or characters. NekoPara Vol. 2 has mediocre, yet lovely backgrounds. They are not amazing pieces of art, nor are the characters but what it lacks in outstanding character and background it makes up with animation. Every single scene or talking is in some form animation, be it facial expressions, tail, ears, or even their busts something is always moving. It pleases the eyes even when the art for the background or character is nothing spectacular as it fits perfectly to the tone of the game and story, rather than stick out like a sore thumb.


Now before my conclusion of the game, there is the matter off All-ages vs 18+, Nekopara Vol.2 is an amazing game with or without the 18+ patched version, and utmost recommended. However in the 18+ version it is censored with mosaics. The sex scenes may feel dragged out, but they are fairly spaced out and fall naturally into the storyline and does not feel forced like it did in Vol.1, making it flow more freely and not before the story is mature enough it will deal with the H-scenes. The scenes however are animated, and you can see that great detail was done in creating these scenes with the amount of CGs, Scene, or even movies, which is why by the end I will recommend getting the 18+ patch as well but it is not a requirement at all to enjoy this game. If you decide you want to get the 18+ patch, please support the publisher as they are selling the patch separately.


So in closing, NekoPara is an amazing Visual novel that stands out and can be an easy entrance to the genre of Kinetic visual novels. With the utmost confidence, I can recommend to everyone who doesn’t mind reading. (Even at full price, no matter where you decide to buy it.) Its gameplay is closer to 6 hours if you are an average-paced reader with little re-playability. However, it can be easily opened just to enjoy the story once more or to see the characters.


Eivmoe gives NekoPara Vol. 2 a Drastik Measure 9.5 out of 10.0 (95).






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