Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny 18+ – PC Review – by DarkLunarDude

Genre: Fantasy Hardcore Tentacles Visual Novel
Developer: softhouse-seal
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: Apr 25, 2014

CONTENT WARNING: This is an adult visual novel and as such there are images that are NSFW in this review. Please do not scroll down past the this paragraph if you are at work or under the age of 18.

Hentai novels are like a book, the cover can look the same in some cases but the content inside of it can be completely different and show new ideas or arches types; then there are some that take up traditional routes, like tentacles and try to use them in a new way, this being the case of Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny. Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny is a hardcore tentacle fantasy hentai novel developed by softhouse-seal, later released by MangaGamer that focuses on having something for everyone’s taste in novels but keep it own identity as a true tentacle novel throughout the experience.

Wreathing a slimy tentacle around like a pen, Milles takes no time reminding us what this novel’s focus will be as we start our adventure. We, the reader, focus at the start on Milles, a wandering knight who has no immediate memory. While wandering through the forest, Milles comes upon a small shrine on a hill, however, this is no ordinary shrine as the doors burst open and a number of tentacles flow from it, grabbing hold of and immobilizing Milles. Following a scene of clothes ripping, tentacle teasing, and eventually forcing their way into Milles’ women hood, she is impregnated with what seems like hard, egg-like objects. She is finally let free, and makes a run for it away from the forest and into a small town nearby – but it is not long before Milles cannot move any farther, and collapses in the center of town, spewing out eggs filled with small tentacles. This is where we meet Cadia, a bounty hunter who was nearby. Using magic, Cadia kills off all the young tentacles. Cadia eventually befriends Milles, and they become partners. The two meet up with a man who works under the Queen, looking for some mighty adventurers who are willing escort the Queen and a young girl through the forest in order to keep the young girl from become a sacrifice to a god. I will end the story segment here as after this choice, you get into the nitty gritty of the novel’s roots, and many spoilers would abound. What I can say is this novel offers four primary routes, some with an alternative choice to reach the end of the route – so each route, alternate included, will take you two to three hours to get through.

If I had any real faults to point out here, it would be how generally short the base of the story is compared to the time you build up the route splitting decision. As a faster reader, it took me about thirty to forty five minutes to get to the major splitting area for who would be your characters for the route run. and while yes, I did go slower than normal to get as much information as possible, I do not feel like that actually affected my reading time. I also found that the one decision to split the pairs up for your route felt off; it made me feel like I was being forced to pick between Milles and Cadia, the bounty hunters, or Ragina and Sadin, the Queen and the girl she was trying to protect.

Hentai scenes are aplenty in this novel, and very easy to access once you start the route you want, a little too easy in some cases. This being said, I can say the scenes you get access to are well drawn, and when the time comes, well animated as the girls bodies move depending on the action being done to them. I will admit the story that follows them falls short as each girl has a different thing about them that they reveal more about with each scene, and yet, the scenes focus little on them until later in the routes.

As a package, Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny has some nicely drawn visuals mixed with simple but fulfilling soundtrack that suits the mood it intends to make the reader feel. Visually, Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny uses a mix between hand drawn and digitally drawn art styles, as shown through the differences between the characters and the background. This is one of the things softhouse-seal does really well with their novels, making it more of a pleasure to read them, alongside some generally very good writing. The backgrounds here show more of the hand drawn side of the art style, making the few locations shown in the novel unique and interesting as the novel does limit where it goes. The characters here have the digital art style, which makes for some great character art, especially in the scenes where facial movement, as well as body movement are needed to really sell the story going on. The characters animate well due to this, giving true emotions on their faces, a feature I appreciate as it helps cement the hentai scenes with the characters.

With the soundtrack, I found that the use of classical notes for the most portion of the music was a good choice, as it added a level of mysticism to the scenes. Some of the tracks do offer some nice variety, be it limited to horn, and even some singing to what it seems to make for a haunting-like melody when the tentacles were involved. The sound effects here were well used, something I appreciated, but there was not much of what one would expect from this type of visual novel. The voice acting was good and on point, though, creating the emotion and level of depth that is considered the norm for hentai visual novels.

Overall, even with the limited locations and quick to focus story, I found Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny to be a good read, with some solid hentai scenes, good voice acting, and the focus on each girl’s personal turn on. The okay base story, plot twist in each route, four routes to choose from, alright read time (two to three hours), well drawn and animated hentai scenes, good use of the drawn art style in two ways, a solid soundtrack to match the visuals, and good voice acting made this novel worth a read if only to see each girl’s fate.


  • An okay base for later story
  • A hidden plot twist in each route to discover
  • Four different routes to read
  • An okay read time
  • Hentai scenes are well animated and drawn
  • A good use of both hand drawn and digital drawing styles
  • A solid soundtrack with some good dark tones
  • Good voice acting to back up the writing


  • The short build up to the routes in story
  • One decision splitting the routes entirely
  • Story for hentai scenes put less effort on development till later
  • The sound effects ,while used well, were nothing special

DarkLunarDude gives Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny a Drastik Measure 6.0 out of 10.0 (60)

For the price of $24.95 on MangaGamer, I can highly recommend this novel to those who are interested in tentacle hentai, as well as those hentai novel readers looking for a quick and easy read with a good payout in terms of routes.

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