Sweet Blue Flowers Anime Blu-ray review

Studio: J.C. Staff
Publisher: Nozomi Entertainment
Release Date: July 3rd, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

Do you remember your first love? That love from before you even understood what the concept of love was? Maybe you didn’t have one, but I remember mine. It was one-sided, and she probably never knew I liked her, but I won’t ever forget that she was one of the few kids in my elementary days that actually treated me like a human being. Even though I’ve forgotten her name and most of her facial features, I still remember that much about her. Over twenty years after knowing said random girl, Nozomi Entertainment reminds me of why I’m a sucker for love stories with the release of Sweet Blue Flowers on blu-ray. Many thanks to them for the review unit.

The OP is so emotional and catchy!

Fumi Manjome has recently moved back to her hometown. There, she learns that the person she was in love with is getting married to another person. In the depths of her despair, she is reacquainted with her childhood friend, Akira Okudaira. Separated after first grade, the two rekindle their friendship almost immediately. At the same time, Fumi finds someone she feels love for. With new classmates, a new school, and a new love, how will Akira and Fumi deal with the funhouse ride of life to come? Hint: Watch the show to find out.

And with that one line, a flood of tears tried to burst through my eyes.

I cried watching Sweet Blue Flowers. The music, the atmosphere, the story, it was all excellent. Fumi’s development throughout all eleven episodes is very well done. The other characters as well, but Fumi’s in particular felt like she had really grown due to her experiences. The artwork reminded me of Hourou Musuko in that the backgrounds weren’t very detailed, but it gave that artistic feel of putting emphasis where it was needed. Rather than distract you with detail after detail, the art focuses where it needs to in order to put the story forward. In addition, the opening sequence is brilliantly animated. It’s so emotional and catchy! The part where Fumi and Akira are dancing on the flowers was my favorite part.

Peed yourself? Don’t worry, your love story could start there!

Overall, I can’t recommend the show enough. As far as Yuri shows go, Sweet Blue Flowers is one of the few shows I’ve watched that doesn’t try to flaunt the fact that the characters are lesbians; it embraces them. However, it also doesn’t exclude the fact that there are straight couples as well. The direction of the show is awesome, and you should give it a watch. With the retail price of $39.99 USD for the Blu-ray, I highly suggest picking up this sweet little love story.

Lolinia gives Sweet Blue Flowers a Drastik Moé Measure of 9.5 out of 10.0 (95).

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